• Версия: 5.5
  • Размер: 5.1MB
  • Лицензия: Пробная версия (Trial)
  • Интерфейс: Multi-languages
  • Разработка: Urban Twilight Studios
  • Сайт разработчика: http://www.urbantwilight.com
  • Система: Windows XP / Vista/ Windows 7/ Vista 64 / Windows 7 64
  • Просмотров: 412
  • Загрузки: 0
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Any To Icon Pro converts any graphic file to an icon file. It comes with an user friendly interface and is really fast processing. Use your favorite image editor to create amazing looking images and easily convert them to Icons withAny To Icon Pro. Now You can convert any image you have or find on the internet to your own icon.
Any to Icon Pro converts all commonly used image formats to Windows Icons (see bottom of that page for all supported formats). 
Key features:
  • Supports almost any image file format.
  • Converts multiple files at once. 
  • Advanced Resampling Filter Technology. 
  • Very fast image processing. 
  • Custom Sized icon creation. 
  • Custom Color Depth (from black and white to 32bit True Color). 
  • Creates Grayscaled Icons. 
  • Creates semi-transparent Icons for Windows XP. 
  • Creates multi-resolution icons for Windows XP or single resolution icons for older Windows systems. 
  • Automated Web Update included. 
  • User friendly and Multi-Lingual Interface. 
  • Additional Easy to use Wizard Interface Mode. 
  • Comes with Quick Start Help Document.