• Версия: 3.4
  • Размер: 1.5MB
  • Лицензия: Пробная версия (Trial)
  • Интерфейс: Multi-languages
  • Разработка: GF Software
  • Сайт разработчика: http://www.duplicatechecker.com/
  • Система: Windows 2000/XP/NT/Vista/Windows 7
  • Просмотров: 262
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Duplicate Checker is a powerful tool for finding duplicate images, photos, mp3s, ipod files and any other files. Using this utility you can organize files on your hard disk or server storage. If you are looking for duplicate image, photo, music, mp3 finder - it's decision for you. Duplicate Checker is an intuitive application that will enable you to locate duplicate images, songs or any other file types.  
Duplicate Checker has many advantages compared with other such programs: image preview, thumbnails and mp3 bars-high-speed search process using an engine based on the STL technology-suitable interface which clearly separates file groups.