• Версия: 2.0
  • Размер: 442KB
  • Лицензия: Бесплатно (Freeware)
  • Интерфейс: English
  • Разработка: FOMINE SOFTWARE
  • Сайт разработчика: http://www.window-hide.com/
  • Система: Windows 95/ 98/ ME/ NT 4.0/ Windows 2000/ Windows XP/ Windows 7
  • Просмотров: 299
  • Загрузки: 0
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Window Hide Tool is a utility that helps you to quickly hide a window of any application by using hotkeys or by clicking an icon in your tray. Moreover, you can specify groups of windows by their title text and set hotkeys for them.

Features of Window Hide Tool

  • hide window by click on tray icon
  • password protection
  • multiple groups of windows
  • icon deletion automatically from tray while hiding windows
  • show list of hidden windows
  • hide all windows
  • hotkey for each action